ENJOY RUNNING - transmitted by Christian Griffith - May 11, 2011

Enjoy the long day… the slow day.

Enjoy the sun beating down on you... energizing you… draining you.

Enjoy that you’re home… that this is what you know… that this is what you own.

Enjoy the camaraderie… that you’ll start and finish 100 miles with a friend or two… a rare experience… a rare opportunity.

Enjoy the blistering heat from the pavement on your feet. 

Enjoy the salty sweat stinging your eyes. 

Enjoy the fatigue setting into your quads and calves. 

Enjoy knowing that pain is going to get worse and that you won’t

Enjoy that you chose this… that you choose this… that this is what you do.

Enjoy the sun setting on the horizon. 

Enjoy that you see this today, while most will miss it.

Enjoy the dusk… the live ocean on either side of you.  Soak it in… and steal its energy if you can.

Enjoy the night settling in… and then the darkness. 

Enjoy the long, dark night.

Enjoy that while friends may be near, this endeavor is yours alone. 

Enjoy the solitude.

Enjoy the sound of your own footsteps in a background of quiet.

Enjoy wondering why not everyone does this… and knowing fully why you do.

Enjoy that you are alive while most are asleep.

Enjoy the day approaching. 

Enjoy the sunrise. 

Enjoy the energy this new day brings.

Enjoy putting one foot in front of the other and the knowing that that’s all it takes to get it done.

Enjoy that you worked hard to get here yet acknowledge your good fortune. The pain in your legs is a privilege.

Enjoy that you push yourself to the limit. 

Enjoy the edge.  And the delirium… should you think of it.

via ULTRALIST by Christian Griffith, May 11, 2011

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